fix login issues with mobile app org provides its exchange and DeFi wallet services for Android and iOS devices as well. With the help of mobile apps, you can trade on the go. Using the mobile app is not a difficult task. But you might face trouble while using the app due to technical issues. Once you face any issue with the mobile app, you are no more able to trade cryptos using your login account.

So, if you are also experiencing issues with the app then stay on this page as we are going to provide you with definite solutions that will help you to fix them. Before that restart your device and then retry to log in to your account. In case you are getting an invalid password prompt then you should try to reset the password of your login account. With no more delay, let’s move forward to the solutions section.

Solutions for the mobile app issues

The short and quick solutions that are given below will help you to fix the problems that you are getting with the mobile app:

Solution 1: If the app is not working properly then you need to clear app data and cache files by visiting the “Settings” menu on your Android or iOS device.

Solution 2: Users who are facing trouble while using the app features need to visit App or Play Store on your device.

Solution 3: Check that the device on which you are using the mobile app is connected with the proper internet connection. If there is any type of network issue then you need to fix it quickly to use the app without any issue.

Solution 4: Ensure that there is sufficient storage on your device. If required, remove large and unnecessary files from your Android or iOS device.

Solution 5: If you are facing issues in verifying the two-factor authentication then you need to place your mobile in Airplane mode and then undo it after a few minutes.

Solution 6: Users who are not able to generate wallet addresses need to remove the mobile app and then re-install it on their device.  


In short, exchange can be accessed with the help of its mobile app. You can use the app to buy, sell and manage crypto funds. However, in case you face any type of issues while accessing or using the login account on the mobile app then you need to restart the device and implement the solutions that are given below. We hope that you have learned about the possible solutions to fix the issues with the DeFi wallet app by referring to this post.